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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Carry your cross, mourn your loss. Give thanks for life’s sweet breath, till the day of your own peaceful death. Light the wicks of others, so that when you part, your warmth remains in the core of their heart.


Its a good thing that there is such a thing of junk food. Because when bad days suck the life out of you, you can always suck the life out of a can of frosting, or a gallon of ice cream.

The darker the roots, the sweeter the juice. -Tupac

when these thoughts come. a hurricane of emotions and pain become words on my white board. my open dictionary turns page by page, and my purple pen covers every inch of this white potential. the blankness becomes my drug.


Today, while sitting in 4th period study hall, my pen etched the following out onto my homework planner: When the world itself becomes too trodden and weary to spin on its own axis, what has the human race succeeded enough to rejuvenate its sullen core?

That is my favorite pen.

I havent yet come up with an answer to my own pondering, it will surely come to me soon.