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when these thoughts come. a hurricane of emotions and pain become words on my white board. my open dictionary turns page by page, and my purple pen covers every inch of this white potential. the blankness becomes my drug.



  1. Hey 🙂 you commented on my blog a few days ago and I decided to check out your blog too! i really like the poems, and how in a few sentences or words you could just give somebody that “holy shit ! wow” feeling, did you write them yourself?

    • Hey! that means so much that you like my writing. Yes all my poetry posts are my own, i dont usually let people read my work which is why i made a blog. Im glad to give ya that wow feeling! Thanks [:

  2. I feel the exact same ! im writing a blog too ( you could check it out if you like) but i dont really like a lot of people reading my work either so i decided to make a blog and see what happens. And as for your poems, they are really good ! keep it up

    • i love reading your blog, your writing style is awesome, makes me laugh too! to me, writing is the best way to get feelings in check [:

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