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Yuri Kochiyama, who still lives today, brought each minority in the US one step closer to peace each time she rose awareness.  In WWII after the bombing at Pearl Harbor, Yuri was sent to a Japanese internment camp with her family. She was forced to experience the cold ways the US treated Japanese citizens. Several years later she moved to Harlem, and was forced to face the reality that Japanese groups were not the only groups being hated on; blacks had no peace in the war against discrimination either. Blacks in her new neighborhood were bereft of any bit of respect they deserved.  So being the amazing Japanese activist she is, Yuri became a member of the Harlem Parents Committee, and protested for more streetlights to be turned on after the sun said farewell.  Later in 1977, she and 29 others stormed the Statue of Liberty to bring attention to the issue of Puerto Rican independence. Damn. This lady was all over minority justice. Her activism suppressed racist judgements all throughout the US.
… You go girllllll.



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