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When life gives you lemons…. you paint that shit gold.


Go ahead and step  into that warm weather, go get yourself a more better forever.  ~Atmosphere

Old guys pushing grime on the first date

kill their thrill

Run away till you find your true soul mate 

Yesterday while sitting in a coffee shop with Marie (instead of attending school…), our day must have slipped on a banana peel, because the oddest of odds occurred. An older man with hair down to his ribs glanced at the two of us through the window… and tripped on the concrete. How could we not laugh. So the man comes into the coffee shop, to tell us what fine young ladies we are, and he couldn’t help but to come tell us how great it was to see two pretty girls sitting there. He then went on asking if we knew who the band ‘Steppenwolf’ was. We nodded, yes sir! They sing the songs ‘Born To Be Wild’ as well as ‘Magic Carpet Ride’. But we still thought this guy was pretty sketch. “Well I am Goldy McJohn! The keyboardist of Steppenwolf. It may sem weird to see me walking around here, but Goldy’s gotta live somewhere huh?! Might as well be Seattle!” We just laughed and said deuces as he exited our hooky spot. Before he was even out the door though, we were Googling his name. Sure enough this man was very popular on Google and everywhere else on the World Wide Web. CRAZY! We were laughing so hard, I was about to pee my pants… and I had only taken one sip of my coffee at that point. Pure happiness. Anyways, the dude walked past our window spot a while later and I chased him down the street asking for a picture. He replied with a ‘yes’ before I could even finish my request. He then proceeded to take Marie and I on a walk down memory lane as he reminisced of his glory days. He was such an interesting fellow. 

There is no telling of what my day will turn out like. Ever. It’s like taking a bite out of a donut, and realizing there is that white cream stuff on the inside. Weather I like it or not, I will never know what the center of my donut tastes like untill I take a bite.

(Jelly filling is better though)

If the government has no knowledge of aliens, then why does Title 14, Section 1211 of the Code of Federal Regulations, implemented on July 16, 1969, make it illegal for U.S. citizens to have any contact with extraterrestrials or their vehicles???

Hmmm.. What a curious demand considering the contradiction.

Noun; refers to the way the earth smells after rain fall.

(Otherwise known as olfactory of Seattle).

Light Speed. 

You need to slow down every once in a while sometimes, to see how the world goes round. You don’t need to go so fast.  

A pledge to our modern-day prophets, Power To The People!!

Geo and Sabzi hit the public with a chance to make cinemetropolis happen with only our help. HOLY MOO. Now that I am named a precious pledger in their project, they are gracing me with gold. They e-mailed me cinemetropolis before it will even be released to the public, I get to meet the two of them on the 15th with TYlER because he is the coolest, I get to hear them perform their new tracks live, I will get a hard copy of the cd, I will get a signed copy of a limited edition poster and a lifetime amount of euphoria.


Seattle Hip-hop has been the oasis of my lowest lows for about three years now.  Today, a beautiful benediction was bestowed upon me. Ryan Lewis and Macklemore signed a plethora of my belongings. I met them at Easy Street Records… and we had some small talk about their killer performance at the Mariners opening game day. I know right??? Nice guys, nice guys. Dream of dreams come true. That’s one check on the bucket list. Boxes still awaiting ink are meeting/ being at a live performance of the following: Atmosphere, Blue Scholars, Grynch, Common Market (Thus meeting Sabzi twice), Tribe Called Quest, Sol, Grieves, Budo, Knowmads, Cunninlynguists and Brother Ali. How could I have forgotten Shad? Him too.

Watch out willie.. being a rapper, Rhymefest has ambition.

As Macklemore puts it… Never mess with an MC’s fake ID.