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Category Archives: Writen By Me.

Old guys pushing grime on the first date

kill their thrill

Run away till you find your true soul mate 


Landing. Hard on the ground. As my skin skids across the cold concrete, and my bones snap easier than a kitkat. My blood rushing forth towards the direction of my fall, then crash. After the backfire Everything halts. All is still. Silent. As the churning of thoughts in my head grant me rest with a blanket of darkness. Stale blood leaks from my weakened exhaustion and penetration.  My body has taken its position of a most natural fall. my soul escapes its walls of my skin. Its damp walls of tears and pure blackness. Endless empty echoes. Yes. My soul has escaped, and taken its first breath of embracing rays, never looking back at my broken body ,Laying lifeless and hollow. Containing  No heart to beat my second-hand blood. No skeleton to support the mask I wear each day. No muscles to control the meaningless movements I became. Done. Done. Gone. My spirit finally displaying the pureness for the first time. Weightless, young, sheltered, loved, held, created, called, told, guided, thawed. Gravitating towards Gods eternity.

A meeting with destiny… its fate, I approach with such softness.. not a zodiac late. Used to dash up the stairs with such curiosity, No time to stop and frown or learn cruel animosity. Never once had the thought of beginning my own leaving, but lately all I know is the weight of this heavy breathing. Awaiting these stairs to crumble down broken stone, no longer upheld gold built to trophy me alone.

Carry your cross, mourn your loss. Give thanks for life’s sweet breath, till the day of your own peaceful death. Light the wicks of others, so that when you part, your warmth remains in the core of their heart.

when these thoughts come. a hurricane of emotions and pain become words on my white board. my open dictionary turns page by page, and my purple pen covers every inch of this white potential. the blankness becomes my drug.