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Go ahead and step  into that warm weather, go get yourself a more better forever.  ~Atmosphere


That’s what I thought.
Of course you don’t stop.
You won’t take the shot…
You can’t afford the loss.
If you don’t wanna taste the sauce,
Then put the plate down and take a walk.
Drop or move away from the pot
Cause every time you talk…
Complain a lot. 
                                               Don’t forget to count the balls y’all caught
                                                    Enjoy what you got before it all falls off.

Seattle Hip-hop has been the oasis of my lowest lows for about three years now.  Today, a beautiful benediction was bestowed upon me. Ryan Lewis and Macklemore signed a plethora of my belongings. I met them at Easy Street Records… and we had some small talk about their killer performance at the Mariners opening game day. I know right??? Nice guys, nice guys. Dream of dreams come true. That’s one check on the bucket list. Boxes still awaiting ink are meeting/ being at a live performance of the following: Atmosphere, Blue Scholars, Grynch, Common Market (Thus meeting Sabzi twice), Tribe Called Quest, Sol, Grieves, Budo, Knowmads, Cunninlynguists and Brother Ali. How could I have forgotten Shad? Him too.